Archetypes en Anglais

39,50 €
  • 45 cards
  • ● Format 9,5 x 13,5 cm
  • ● A 90 pages companion booklet
  • ● Recycled cardboard bell box
  • ● Published bySVJ et BE & Lead
  • Second Edition - Juin 2021
  • Authors : Arnaud Constancias, Manuel de Sousa, Gilles Dufour

Archetypes is a powerful game at the service of individual and collective support. Archetypes “the card game that Jung would have loved to create”, clarifies Jungian thought without misleading it. It is a question of making available to coaches, the- rapists and trainers, the concept of individuation, with the 5 phases which charac- terize it: The time of survival, of differentiation, of construction, of harmony and of transcendence. At each of the phases, archetypal energies are at work. What do the Warrior, the Alchemist, the good soldier, for example, have in common, if not their representations in Light or Shadow. These 45 beautifully illustrated images help free speech by putting words to states of being, revealing potentials and balancing the different energies within us. To connect with the strong energies of the history of humanity is a little more humanity for oneself.


This game is a free interpretation of Carl Gustav Jung's concept of archetypes. All three authors have colored it with their years of experience as coaches and their various experiences:

 Archetypes as defined by Carl Gustav Jung, are metaphorical expressions of the different elements of our personality.

- The MBTI, an indicator used to categorize profiles in management, school, career counseling or human resources contexts.

- Inner dialogue, a form of therapy derived from Jungian analytical psychology.

- NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), communication and change techniques to promote professional and personal development.

- The hero's journey and universal narrative patterns formalized by Joseph Campbell and Vladimir Propp.


How to use :

Each archetype is drawn in positive and negative to symbolize its light and dark sides. You can learn more about them in the accompanying booklet.

As you pick the cards, you'll be drawn to or inspired by the name, role, archetype, illustration, evocation or universe. This archetype may not represent you in totality, but it undoubtedly has something to tell you about a part of you.

You can use the game with groups, for a presentation of participants during a meeting or training course, to encourage people to speak, get to know each other, conclude a session, etc.

For individual coaching, the booklet suggests a wide range of uses for coaching professionals (coaches, supervisors, trainers, social workers, educators, psycho-practitioners, etc.), HR professionals and managers: one-card draws, 3-card draws, Transactional Analysis draws, energy draws, Voice Dialogue draws, Chinese portrait draws, De Bono draws, etc.

Yoga teachers, martial arts instructors and energeticists will also find in the booklet ways of using cards to play with archetypal energies.