Animal ID

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  • 42 animal cards
  • 48 adjectives cards
  • 36 pages Booklet
  • Recycled Carboard Box
  • Full color
  • Published by SVJ – 2019
  • ISBN : 9782490439072
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    Animal I.D. is a Chinese portrait of animals, a photo-language projecting into animal-based symbolics, a powerful identification tool and a game to be used again and again as an ice-breaker for new groups, to encourage people to speak up, enter an animal’s energy, revitalise players and help them relate better.

    Your Totem Animals can be contacted through meditation or by consciously choosing an animal, either with whom we feel particularly close or that compensates the weaknesses we feel within ourselves.

    This game will help you find strength, wisdom, advice, help and inspiration in your Totem Animal on a daily basis.

    The purpose is to associate an “Animal” card to an “Adjective” card, to qualify and personalise it.

    The Animal I.D. game includes a 36-page booklet containing in-depth descriptions of each animal, as well as the game’s many uses.

    You will also find instructions to play as an open or closed games, individually or as a group, in a family or work context, with different versions for managers, project managers, HR professionals, energy practitioners, yoga and martial art teachers, etc.