Added Values

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  • 56 cards
  • 76 pages booklet
  • Dimensions 8,5 x 12 cm
  • Full color
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  • Published by SVJ 2015 / 2018
  • ISBN : 9782955836026

Added Values. A game illustrated with original children’s drawings.

Thanks to this beautiful, pedagogical and valorous card set, find a creative way to facilitate your trainings, interviews and meetings.
Discover a new « Happy Families » game, an effective icebreaker and a great source of inspiration.


Added Values ​​makes a game of what drives us and unites us: our values. This set of 52 large cards (8.5 X 12 cm) has been designed to be used by both stakeholders in the business and human resources (HR, coaches, therapists) than by individuals.

Each card contains:

  • A children’s drawing representing the value
  • The value name accompanied by a small text acting as a definition, inspiration or a question. You can use it to share, project, reflect…

Use Added Values cards as:

  • An icebreaker tool : opening a session, a workshotp, a training, a meeting
  • An identification tool : share and enhance the awareness of corporate values
  • Self-knowledge tool, of yourself and others
  • A « Happy Famillies » game
  • An ethical and educational gift
  • A tarot of values

Deepen the values and the uses of the game in the 76 pages booklet that comes with the cards.

Are you a professional? This game is made for you

  • Consultants in the fields of communication, creativity, personal development, HR, Trainers, Coaches, Psychologists, Teachers, Managers, Healthcare workers…

Are you simply human? This game is perfect for you

  • Men, women, children, youths, elderly people, mums, friends, families and all those who know that or want to find out how values are what fills your heart…